We did it – we reached the summit thanks to you!  BEST’s #OneDayClimb Virtual Fundraiser surpassed our fundraising goals garnering over $13,000 for our schools!
Thank you to our sponsors, alumni donor families, folks who started the climb early to unlock the extra funds, and our parent community who made an extraordinary effort to donate online on May 12th.  We tremendously appreciate your generous donations! 
These funds will support new grants like post-Covid curriculum supports, flexible furnishings for “Classrooms of the Future” and the development of a Zen Garden at both Cole and Spofford schools. These initiatives would not be possible without your support.
As we come to the close of this EPIC FUNDRAISING CLIMB, we’re reminded of the extraordinary commitment that members of our community share with those who live and learn in Boxford and that every donation, no matter the size, directly impacts the experience of our students, faculty, and staff. As we transition into the summer months, we wish you a happy, healthy and relaxing season and ask that you don’t forget to reach out to our wonderful sponsors if they meet any of your summer needs!

Thank you for participating in BEST’s #OneDayClimb! Together, we are making a difference in our children’s education.

Special thanks to this year’s
#OneDayClimb Sponsors