Our Origins: The Boxford Elementary Schools Trust (BEST) was founded in 1996 by two Boxford parents who had a long-term vision to bring greater technology and innovation to our public schools. Since that time, BEST has donated over $750,000 to Boxford elementary schools. In the last 6 years, BEST funded an average of $31,000 per year in grants to teachers and staff.

Our Organization: BEST is an all –volunteer, non-profit (501(c)(3) organization, one of two parental support groups at our elementary schools in Boxford. BEST functions like a charitable foundation. We raise private funds from individuals, families, foundations or local businesses that are re-distributed to our schools via a grant application process.

Our Mission: BEST’s mission is to foster excellence in our public schools by funding grants to teachers and staff that long-term needs of the Boxford elementary schools by funding grants for technology, curriculum pilots, innovative teaching techniques & tools, and professional development that create substantive positive improvement in our schools.

Our Team: Our board consists of elementary school parents who are interested in getting more involved with the educational process at their child’s school. No prior board experience is needed.

Heather Barry
Mary Bernier
Heidi Ellard
Julie Friedman
Sarah Jackson
Karen Leblanc
Susan Rothschild-Lambert
Michael McDonald
Christine Sheehan
Toni Shickolovich
Susan Wheeler
Jennifer Weidman
Kristi Vanne