The Fall, 2014 grants are in!

Posted on: October 18, 2014 Posted by: boxfordbest Comments: 0

The Fall, 2014 grants are in!

The Boxford Elementary Schools Trust has received grant application from five different teachers, totaling almost $13,000. Requests are coming from the STEM program, the SPED program, from the Spofford technology team, and from the Multiage team at Cole.

But we have a problem: at the moment, we don’t have enough money to be able to fund all of these grants. We have raised almost $1,500 through your generous donations and we would like your help so that we can fund as many of these grants as possible. Please consider becoming a BEST supporter.

What happens to the grants next?

The Grant team will review the grants, meet with the teachers and the principals and discuss the grants, and make a recommendation to the board. The BEST board will meet in November to vote on the grants, using our Criteria for Evaluating BEST Grant Applications. We’ll also have to see what funds we have available, and prioritize the grants. We’re hoping to have the funds to support as many of these grants as possible, but we need your help.

We’d like to thank the teachers for taking the time to fill in the grant forms: they are long and we certainly ask for a lot of information, but these details help us to evaluate the grant.