How to Apply for a Grant

We encourage teachers and administrators to think creatively about applying technology, attending professional education programs and bringing in guest teachers for curriculum enrichment.

Grant Application Process

  • Fill out the above Grant Application form
  • Forward application receipt to principal for authorization at LEAST ONE WEEK prior to deadline
  • BEST will read application after approval notification from principal
  • Grant Administrators will contact applicant if there are any questions about the proposal
  • BEST board meets to vote on proposals
  • An announcement of grant awards will be sent to applicants and administrators

Grant Application Deadlines

Fall 2023

  • September 8th  – Deadline to submit your grant to your principal
  • September 15th – Deadline for all applications
  • October 27th – Grant winners notified

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year for special circumstances. BEST has discretionary funds that may be allocated for these special requests.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out via email [email protected].

Grant Objectives/Goals

  • To maintain a focus on curriculum enhancement and innovation while linking grants to the goals of the Boxford Elementary Schools.
  • To encourage and support collaborative efforts among teachers, administrators, parents and community organizations.
  • To support grants which demonstrate potential for lasting benefit.
  • To provide feedback to grant applicants.

Grant Categories

BEST has three types of grants that teachers and administrators may apply for:

  • Hands-On Teaching Tools
  • Innovative Technology
  • Professional Development that have a significant impact on the strategic direction of learning in the district

Applications may be submitted for grade-level, school-wide, or elementary schools system-wide grants. (Please note that PTO offers Grants for individual classrooms, supplies curriculum enrichment materials, and Educator-in-Residence.)

Grants Review Committee

The Grants Review Committee consists of 6 members:

  • BEST Board members
  • Principal from each school
  • Professional educator volunteer who is not connected with the Boxford public schools

Criteria for Evaluating BEST Grant Applications

The BEST board weighs a number of factors when considering a grant application for approval. Key factors include the potential impact on Boxford’s elementary school student population, the grant’s total cost, the strength of the school administrations support regarding the initiative, weighing in comparison to other grant applications received in the same grant cycle, and factoring in BEST’s funding resources. Below is a more detailed list of criteria to bear in mind, in conjunction with the above, in crafting a new grant application.

  • A key consideration in evaluating a grant is the potential impact of that grant on the elementary school student population, both in terms of breadth and depth of that impact. There will be preference given to those grants which have the potential to impact the greatest number of students and/or provide the deepest impact on a subset of the student population. The overall impact of the grant will be weighed against the grant’s total cost.
  • B.E.S.T.’s level of funding in a particular grant cycle can affect which grants are approved. In a well-funded grant cycle, we may be able to approve most or all grants versus in a cycle where more funds are requested than can be currently supported. In that case, we will need to carefully weigh and prioritize each grant, with higher priority given to those grants with the greatest impact. In cases where a grant with merit is not approved due to funding limits in a given grant cycle, we would encourage the applicant to resubmit the grant request in the next cycle.
  • When considering an Innovative Teaching Tool grant application, B.E.S.T sees our role in the process as that of enabling the technology purchase. However, ongoing maintenance of any equipment purchased with B.E.S.T. funds should be funded via the school budget or other sources.
  • There is a two-year maximum for grants that are of an ongoing nature (i.e. subscriptions, programs, etc.). Please note that, although a grant may be approved for up to a two-year time frame, it must be reapplied for each year or grant cycle, as appropriate. The reason for this maximum is that B.E.S.T. believes that, after an initial “pilot” period of two years, the school administration is in the best position to determine if the subscription, program, etc., adds enough value to the school(s) to be funded via the school budget
  • Please be sure that the “Objectives” and “Evaluations” sections are stated in terms of student learning when completing the grant application.
  • The goal of the Professional Development grants is to reach a broad audience so as to benefit either the staff at large or a group of staff members (i.e. a grade-specific team or curriculum-specific team). Therefore, a course for one individual teacher will not be considered under Professional Development.
  • When considering Professional Development grants, courses will have a more likely chance of success if there is a plan in place to share the learning with the staff at large when appropriate.
  • As per B.E.S.T.’s defined focus on Boxford’s elementary schools, B.E.S.T. will only consider pre-school grants when the grant is part of a broader grant application that spans multiple grades and is also inclusive of pre-school.

Note:  B.E.S.T. does not fund continuing education, college level or graduate level course credits for teachers and staff of Boxford elementary schools. B.E.S.T. does fund professional development courses for the teachers and staff of Boxford’s elementary schools that directly benefit the students of Boxford’s elementary schools. Course content must provide attendees with actionable resources, tools, and/or information that can be directly applied in the classroom upon completion of the professional development course.