The Gift Card Auction

Posted on: January 5, 2015 Posted by: boxfordbest Comments: 0

The Gift Card Auction

We’d like to thank everyone who donated gift cards to BEST for our Gift Card Auction. We did not receive enough cards to be able to hold our auction, and instead we will be using the donations as part of the fundraising for the Giggles Comedy night. Thank you again for your support.

Do you have any unused gift cards lying around that you are unlikely to use? Did you receive gift cards during the holidays to places you don’t shop or dine? Consider donating them to BEST so that we can include them in the Gift Card Auction! The proceeds from the auction will be used to support initiatives at our schools and to fund grants written by teachers and staff. Every little bit helps!


It’s very easy to donate. You can:

  • Mail to BEST at P.O. Box 176 Boxford, MA.
  • Send gift cards to the main office at your child’s school. Put the cards in an envelope for BEST.
  • Send an email to to arrange for pick-up of your gift cards.

If you want a receipt for tax purposes, please include your name, address, and email address along with the name and value of each gift card.

Please send your donations before January 28 and thank you for your support!