BEST is a 100% volunteer organization

We couldn’t make our programs happen without your support!  Plus, volunteering is a great way to meet new people in your community.  No amount of time is too little and the rewards are the BEST! If you’re interested please email [email protected].  We would love to chat!

Here are some of the skills we need:

  • Can you write? We are looking for someone to write up stories about BEST grants in action.  Or you can help us to write Press Releases, Newsletters, and update our web site
  • Are you skilled at design/arts and crafts? We have bulletin boards, our Snowflakes program, and other opportunities to show off your skills and release your inner craft queen!
  • Are you well organized? We have all sorts of projects that need someone to act as coordinator for a team of talented, fun people.
  • Are you any good with a camera? We’d like a few people who can visit classrooms and photograph BEST grants in action.
  • Are you good with details? We have a handful of grants we’d like to ask for from supportive organizations. We need someone who is willing to write the grants and submit them. We can provide the information.
  • Are you good with graphic arts/web design? Have any graphic design skills? We need help creating flyers and posters for events and activities.