Past Grants

Thanks to your support, BEST funded the following grants this summer:

  • $15,000 – A state-of-the-art science pilot in grade 5 – Science from Scientists – that brings actual scientists into the classroom to run experiments and provide enhanced instruction every two weeks throughout the school year, with generous support from New England Biolabs.


  • $15,000 – A complete 1:1 iPad classroom for Ms. Sheldon’s 6th grade class, with generous support from Institute for Savings.
  • $11,000 – A comprehensive teacher development course called the Power of Words, which will be implemented at both Cole and Spofford Schools.  It focuses on verbal communication in the school environment and how word choice impacts student development and confidence;


Some examples of things we funded in the past include:
  1. Construction of the greenhouse and the weather station at Spofford School
  2. Smartboards in every classroom at both Cole and Spofford School
  3. iPads and TV monitors for the digital art studios at both Cole and Spofford schools
  4. iPads for small group instruction in Mrs. Suther’s 1st grade class
  5. A complete 1:1 iPad classroom in Mrs. Puglisi’s 2nd grade class

Enhanced Learning Initiative – $65,901

Fundraising for the Enhanced Learning Initiative began in the fall of 2013 and continues. So far we have funded:

  • $18,087: iPads for each student in Ms. Thaya Puglisi’s Grade 2 classroom. This is the first one-to-one iPad classroom in the district. Some of the funds for this grant were acquired from the Perley-Parkhurst-Cole Trust Fund and New England Biolabs. Ms. Puglisi is planning to use the Stanley travel log project, Educreations, Doodle Buddy, and Show Me to allow students to create presentations and demonstrate their learning in cooperative ways. She also will use Tell Time, Splash Math, and Learn Money to extend mathematical learning. And applications like Sock Puppets in ELA to enhance comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and vocabulary development. Ms. Puglisi’s grant included the following goals:
    • to utilize these innovative teaching and learning tools to enhance the current curriculum
    • to engage students in learning independently, with partners and within small groups
    • to allow all students to experience technology, meeting the CCSS, and preparing them for success in their technological world
    • to embrace the shift from learning to use technology to using technology to learn
  • $47,814: iPads for each student for the Art rooms at both Cole and Spofford schools. The iPads are used to teach Digital Painting, for viewing art references and examples, for taking photographs and making videos, and for building a digital portfolio of their work. A Television is colorful and clear, even in a bright sunny classroom, making it possible for students to really see the art. These grants were paid for through the Harriet Ernst endowment, which is managed by BEST.

Fall, 2013 – Spring, 2014 – $10,310

  • $1,134 – Professional Development on Executive Functioning for SPED team (Spofford)
  • $2,608 – a Television for the Art room Funded by Harriet Ernst Endowment Fund (Spofford)
  • $3,680 – 6 iPads for Ms. Suther’s class for small group learning (Cole)
  • $229 – Professional Development on iPad training for Ms. Frost
  • $2,659 for 4 iPads, applications, and cases for SPED small groups (Spofford) Funded with help from the John Thomas Foundation

Fall, 2012 – Spring, 2013 – $27,763

  • $450 – iPad for Counselors to improve social/emotional learning
  • $200 – Speech/Language Therapy apps for iPad
  • $2,500 – iPads, apps, and JustStands for Kindergarten (Cole)
  • $3,066 – HD TV, iPad and AppleTV for Art (Spofford)
  • $832 – Math in Focus workbooks for Grade 2 (Cole)
  • $9,252 – iPads for Multi-Age Classrooms Funded by Harriet Ernst Endowment Fund (Cole)
  • $1,000 – Harriet Ernst Greenhouse Funded by Harriet Ernst Endowment Fund (Spofford)
  • $897 Smart Board Speakers for Special Education (Spofford)
  • $7,685 – iPads for Spofford Pond School (Spofford)
  • $1,881 – Cetacea Classroom Sound System pilot for two classrooms (Spofford)

Fall, 2011 – Spring, 2012 – $14,348

  • $959 – iPad Technology Integration in Learning (Cole)
  • $5,033 – Using ELMO as a Tool for 21st Century Learning (Cole)
  • $2,400 – Boxford without Bounds: Connecting our Students with Nature  (Cole)
  • $639 – iPad for Speech and Language Services (Spofford)
  • $302 – Interactive Comprehension: Games for Smartboard (Spofford)
  • $1,000 – Guided Reading  – Professional Development (Spofford)
  • $1,220 – SPED Elmo – Innovative Teaching Tools (Spofford)
  • $1,500 – Social Skills iPad (Spofford)
  • $700 – 3rd and 4th grade SPED Learning Center ELMO (Spofford)
  • $595 – Third Grade Kindle (Spofford)

June, 2008

BEST finished the Touched by Technology Capital Campaign, donating $180,000 to provide laptop computers to every classroom teacher and SMART boards with LCD projectors in every classroom. Learn more about the Touched by Technology Capital Campaign.

Fall, 2006 – Spring, 2007

  • Sagebrush Library Software (Cole and Spofford)
  • Sojourners Truth (Spofford)
  • Family Literacy Night (Cole)
  • Multiple Intelligence in the Classroom
  • Practical Co-Teaching Strategies Workshop
  • Unified Arts Conference
  • BEST Grants 2006 Details (PDF)

Fall, 2005 – Spring, 2006

  • Authors Alive! (Cole)
  • Enrichment Resources for Special Education (Cole)
  • Picasso People – Partially funded by John T. Hoover/Yeakel Memorial Fund (Cole)
  • Talking Technology: Reaching all Readers with Interactive Books – Partially funded by the Founder’s Fund (Cole)
  • Wiz Kids on the Web (Cole)
  • Graph Club: Graphing to Increase Mathematical Communication (Spofford)
  • Soar to Success (Spofford)
  • Time for Kids (Spofford)
  • Matching Books with Students, Phase II (Spofford)
  • Kamishibai – Staging the Story – Funded by Harriet Ernst Endowment Fund (Spofford)
  • BEST Grants 2005 Details (PDF)

Fall, 2003 – Spring 2004

  • The Letter People (Cole)
  • Mobile Display Case for Multi-Cultural Art (Cole)
  • Fun with Phonemic Awareness (Cole)
  • Origamido – Artist in Residence (Cole)
  • Reading and Technology: A Perfect Match (Cole)
  • Take a Closer Look (Cole)
  • Supporting Literacy with Decodable Books (Cole)
  • Walking Art Gallery (Cole)
  • Animal Habitats Across the Curriculum – Partially funded by the Harriet Ernst Endowment Fund (Spofford)
  • Supplemental Reading – Funded by Perley Parkhurst Cole Trust (Cole)
  • Healthy Hearts, Year 2 (Spofford)
  • American History Video Series (Spofford)
  • On This Day in History – Funded by the Founders’ Fund (Spofford)
  • BEST Grants 2003 – 2004 Details  (PDF)

Fall, 2002 – Spring, 2003 – $8,298

  • Ceramic Tile Mural (Spofford)
  • Author Visit (Cole)
  • Fun with Phonemic Awareness (Cole)
  • Inventing Flight (Spofford)
  • Journey North – Phase 2 (Cole)
  • Multi-Cultural Art – funded by the Harriet Ernest Endowment Fund (Cole)
  • Phonemic/Language Arts Centers (Cole)
  • Science Matters (Spofford)
  • Science Rocks (Spofford)
  • Timeless Traditions (Spofford)
  • BEST Grants 2002 – 2003 Details (PDF)

Fall, 2001 – Spring, 2002

  • A View from Abroad (Cole and Spofford)
  • Art by Design, Year 3 (Cole)
  • Boxford – Pictorially Speaking (Spofford)
  • Collage Connections, Year 2 – funded by the Harriet Ernest Endowment Fund (Cole)
  • Far Our Physics, Year 2 – funded by the Harriet Ernest Endowment Fund (Spofford)
  • Fine Motor Tubs (Cole)
  • Friday Enrichment (Spofford)
  • Global Awareness (Spofford)
  • Imagination Express (Spofford)
  • Investigating the World through Maps, Year 2 (Cole)
  • Journey North – A Study of Global Migration (Cole)
  • K’NEX Creations (Cole)
  • Mining for Grant Cole (Cole and Spofford)
  • Poet in Residence (Spofford)
  • Strolling through the United States (Cole)
  • Talking Threads (Spofford)
  • BEST Grants 2000 – 2002 Details (PDF)


  • Animals a la Cart – funded by Perley-Parkhurst-Cole Trust Fund (Spofford)
  • Art by Design, Year 2 – partially funded by the Harriet Ernest Endowment Fund (Cole)
  • Building Peaceable Classrooms (Cole)
  • Collage Connections – Artist in Resident – funded by the Harriet Ernest Endowment Fund (Cole)
  • Film at Eleven – Visualize Math and Social Studies (Spofford)
  • Investigating the World Through Maps (Cole)
  • Literature Links to Math Trailblazers (Cole)
  • Promoting Literacy Achievement Through Accelerated Read (Cole)
  • Teacher Mini-Grants (Cole and Spofford)
  • Waking up Colonial America (Spofford)
  • BEST Grants 1996 – 2000 Details (PDF)