BEST supports the long-term needs of the Boxford elementary schools by funding grants for innovative teaching techniques, tools, professional development or teaching strategies that create substantive positive improvement in our schools.

Past grant awards summarized by the school year are as follows:

2017/18 Grant Awards:
  • $8500 to Ms. Davis’ 4th grade classroom to provide twenty-three 1:1 Chromebooks
  • $200 to Vanessa Boyle and the Green Team: A $100 gift card to Walmart and a $100 gift card to the Home Depot to be given to be used to buy materials to plant flowers this winter and herbs in the spring.  This spring these funds will also be used to furnish supplies.
  • Up to $595 to Kim Suther and her second grade classroom for Osmo in the Classroom
  • $1395 to Candyce Wainwright, Digital Learning Specialist and STEM teacher at Cole, to attend a train the trainer 4 day work shop entitled: STEM Instruction that Works:  Strengthening STEM Using Project Based Learning (PBL) Strategies
  • $1224.90 to Allison Salerno, 2nd grade teacher at Cole School, Inspire Science Mentor Text  allows second grade students to access twenty-six chapter books that highlight material taught across six modules in the new Inspire Science Program at Cole School.   These books will be made available to individual classroom libraries.
  • $4,317 to Language Based Program at Cole School run by Amy Viera to purchase an Interactive Jtouch communication board to replace poorly functioning SMART board.
  • $2,205 to grade 6 teacher Vanessa Boyle, on behalf of the 6th grade team of classroom teachers of Spofford Pond School, including two special education teachers, for a total of 9 teachers to partake in an on-line training in Study Skills and Executive Function through the Landmark Outreach Program starting in July of 2018.
  • $450.88  reserved to give to Grade 6 teacher Laura Valzania of Spofford Pond School got hrt Request to order 25 books to support her digital and global citizenship and literacy curriculum (may be covered by school budget after re-articulating the 6th grade curriculum).
2016/2017 Grant Awards:

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2015 Grant Awards:

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