BEST is pleased to announce that we have been able, with your support, to fund two 1:1 iPad classrooms:

  • Ms. Thaya Puglisi’s Grade 2 classroom received their iPads in the fall of 2014.
  • Ms. Andrea Sheldon’s Grade 6 classroom received their iPads in the fall of 2015.

Read more about it on Past Grants.

The goal of the Enhanced Learning Initiative is to raise funds for iPads for each child in five Boxford elementary school classrooms. Will you join us in this goal?

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What is the Enhanced Learning Initiative?

iPad learning is the next generation of blackboard learning, but is infinitely more flexible and allows teachers to customize instruction, share group lessons and utilize camera/video functions. Being a versatile digital device, the iPad also enables teachers to offer lessons around Internet research, safety, appropriateness, etiquette and cyber-bullying.

As Massachusetts and other states, colleges and universities around the country incorporate digital tools and technologies into testing standards and evaluation platforms, teachers without these digital tools are at a disadvantage to help their students prepare for their future learning environment.

BEST’s Enhanced Learning Initiative seeks to raise private funds to introduce the 1:1 Student-to-iPad model into five elementary school classrooms. A school-wide roll-out of iPads would ultimately need to be endorsed and sponsored by the School Committee.

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