Over the years, BEST has granted money to the Spofford Pond and Cole schools for curriculum enrichment. We were successful in our campaign to infuse technology in Boxford’s elementary schools to allow for creative and efficient approaches to curriculum and to encourage innovation and collaboration among and across grade-level teams.

The funds raised by BEST are critical to the success of Boxford’s elementary schools.  Communities with strong educational foundations pride themselves in acadmic excellence including Carlisle, Lexington, Newton,  Wayland, Burlington and Wellesley to name a few.  It’s no secret that there is a direct correlation between real estate values and school systems. Contributing to BEST will not only help our schools, but will support Boxford’s reputation for academic excellence and premium real estate values.

BEST conducts various fundraising activities throughout the year.  We hope you will consider attending one of our upcoming events, contributing to one of our programs, or adding us to your annual charitable contributions.

Thank you for your help with these two great programs!

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