Good Afternoon,
The Boxford Educational School Trust (BEST) is pleased to announce the results of our review of the 2018 Fall Grant Cycle applications!

This was a robust round of eleven grant applications.  We were thrilled to see so many applications and ideas!
We had $9,856 to award this round and again had to make some tough decisions.  They are detailed below.
We are already at work replenishing funds for the Spring.  Current and upcoming events include BEST Snowflakes, the Pancake Breakfast this Saturday, December 8th, and a favorite….. the Homes Tour, in May!
The Applications and our decisions:
We are pleased to award the following:
We Video:   $358.20 to Samantha Kosakowski for a 2- year subscription for 30 seats (approx. one per classroom) to the cloud-based WeVideo product, a classroom tool allowing students to produce videos using Chromebooks.  Trial versions have been put to good use already, we look forward to seeing what our students will create!
Wired for Greatness:  $2,500 to Vanessa Boyle to re-allocate to Spofford Pond students to fund student ideas for things such as small businesses, fundraisers and other projects.  Ms. Boyle has given much thought to the structure of this program and will give students from each grade an opportunity twice a year to apply for funding and she will work to help support students in sharing their great ideas with others!  This grant was inspired by Officer Michelle Nowak who was often heard telling children about how they were each “wired for greatness!”.
Seven Chromebooks:   $2,009 to Ali Coates, Patti Guido and Samantha Kosakowski for seven Chromebooks to be housed and used for station work in the third-grade co-taught classroom as recommended by their co-teaching model consultant.  We are pleased to be able to support the co-teaching model, a new Spofford Pond Initiative.
Wordly Wise i3000:   $714 to Deb O’Brien and her fifth-grade team (Ms. Whittaker, Ms. Wiles-Stasko and Ms. Sanders) for the purchase of the on-line version of the Workbook program Wordly Wise, as a pilot program.  This online option offers students sequential, systematic instruction that is more tailored and accessible to the individual.    This allows for differentiation and multi-tiered instruction in a much more engaging and motivational format.
Escape Room Activities:   $152.94 to Laura Valzania to purchase materials through Teachers Pay Teachers, so that students can embark on secret missions to foster skills of analysis and evaluation using a series of challenges that directly align with the American History curriculum.  What Fun!
Pause for Puzzles:  $153.94  to Michelle Sierapina to purchase a puzzle board and three puzzles that she will set up as a station in her classroom that students can use when they need a “brain break”, ie. having difficulty focusing, staying on task, feeling anxious or needing to move.  A few minutes at this station will give students the break needed to re-engage and be ready to learn and return to their work.
MA CHildren’s Book Award Program (MCBA) at Spofford Pond School:  $903 will be given to Barbara Boulay and Lindsay Kasmarick to purchase and make available to students five sets of 25 books, written in the last five years, that are carefully chosen by educators, librarians, and interested publishers.  These books will be available in each of the 6th-grade classrooms and in the library.  Students will be encouraged to read the books and after reading five titles will vote for their favorite.  Titles are chosen with consideration given to literary quality, genre variety, representation of diverse cultural groups, and reader appeal.  We are happy to fund this application using funds from the Harriet Ernst fund. Ms. Ernst was known for her love of children’s literacy and this fund was established in her name accordingly.  What a perfect application of those funds!
Flexible Seating:  We are happy to give $1,000 to Elise Sanders toward her requested total of $1,913 for Wobble Chairs in the 5th and 6th grades.  We are hopeful that this will allow her to purchase at least 12 chairs to be placed in fifth and sixth-grade classrooms, and we are also hopeful that other supporters will match our grant, or further contribute, to help her reach her goal of 24 chairs.
Broadening Rhythmic & Cultural Connections for All:  It gives us pleasure to further support Ms. Monty by providing $209.00 for the purchase of a 100 Series tunable Tubano instrument to be used in her Samba Drum Ensemble.  We again are hopeful that other supporters will match or exceed our grant and offer Ms. Monty the additional $418 needed to purchase all three Tubanos she requested.