BEST funded $22,000 
in grants to Boxford 
Elementary Schools for the 2016/2017 school year


Many of the grants we fund are pilot programs so a teacher can try something new without having to pull funds out of the main curriculum budget.  We look to fund initiatives that have the broadest possible effect on our community, and the best chance of helping teachers to try and learn new things that  benefit our students. Previous grants from best total over $750,000!
In the spring of 2016 we funded the following grants:

Chicken Hatchery for Grade 3
This incubation kit and eggs will help demonstrate animal lifecycles through 
active observation for all Grade 3 students.

Math Technology Suite for Spofford Pond
This suite provides intensive assistance 
to students in grades 3-6 and offers math specialists the opportunity to customize learning on iPads and/or project group 
lessons to a digital blackboard via 
Apple TV.

Project Adventure for Sixth Grade Teachers 

This professional development course 
mirrors the course that sixth grade students are offered each Fall.  Teachers develop strategies that help foster creative problem solving, learn social and emotional 
skill building techniques and practice 
collaborative teamwork – lessons that 
they can reinforce in the classroom 
throughout the year.

Music for Everyone

A professional development course for 
Spofford Pond’s Band Director to learn how to develop an inclusive music program and teach music to students with disabilities.

Visiting Scientists in Grade 5
This is the 2nd year of the pilot for this 
innovative science curriculum booster.  
Every two weeks, visiting scientists join 
5th grade classrooms to teach memorable, hands-on, science lessons that are 
built around the curriculum being taught 
in the classroom.

Sixth Grade Science Fair
A continuation of learning from the program offered in Grade 5, the visiting scientists will return to Spofford Pond to implement a 
comprehensive Sixth Grade Science Fair and share the process with sixth grade teachers to showcase the unique, innovative, inspired projects created by 6th grade students.

Professional Development Course 
for Guidance Counselors at Cole School

Become a Supporter of BEST


Each year, BEST donates an average of $20,000 to Cole and Spofford Schools by funding grants written by our teachers.  These added extras in our classrooms are what differentiate Boxford Schools from those of surrounding towns.  BEST is honored to bring these enhancements to Boxford, but we can’t do it alone. In the past, we raised all of our funds through events and other fundraising programs.

We are now reaching out directly to ask you to become a .Become a Supporter of BEST

Your tax-deductible donation will enable us to fund grants for the current school year. 

Giggles thank you!


We’d like to thank those who purchased tickets to the Giggles comedy night on Friday, and especially thank Dr. Creeden for joining us (and for sparring with the comedians!). We were able to raise just over $1,300 for our school programs – these funds will help fund grants that our teachers write to BEST.

Thank you, everyone!

The Gift Card Auction


We’d like to thank everyone who donated gift cards to BEST for our Gift Card Auction. We did not receive enough cards to be able to hold our auction, and instead we will be using the donations as part of the fundraising for the Giggles Comedy night. Thank you again for your support.

Do you have any unused gift cards lying around that you are unlikely to use? Did you receive gift cards during the holidays to places you don’t shop or dine? Consider donating them to BEST so that we can include them in the Gift Card Auction! The proceeds from the auction will be used to support initiatives at our schools and to fund grants written by teachers and staff. Every little bit helps!


It’s very easy to donate. You can:

  • Mail to BEST at P.O. Box 176 Boxford, MA.
  • Send gift cards to the main office at your child’s school. Put the cards in an envelope for BEST.
  • Send an email to to arrange for pick-up of your gift cards.

If you want a receipt for tax purposes, please include your name, address, and email address along with the name and value of each gift card.

Please send your donations before January 28 and thank you for your support!

$1,915 for Snowflakes!


We are happy to announce that this year’s Snowflakes for Education program raised $1,915.00! Donors used the Snowflakes for Education program to honor teachers, staff members, learning topics, and even bus drivers. Donations to the program will be used to directly benefit the teachers, staff, and children at our schools.

We’d like to thank everyone who donated. We could not do this without your support. We hope that all of your will take a moment to enjoy the snowflakes hung in the lobby at each school.

We would also like to say thank you very much to the Snowflakes team: Silvana DiBlasi, Paije Andrews, and Beth Mills. Thank you for your time and hard work, especially during this busy time of year! Happy holidays to everyone.

Snowflakes for Education, from BEST

Snowflakes for Education Program


Snowflakes for Education

You may have received the email notification limiting gifts for teachers and school  staff. The state guidelines are fairly strict: no more than $50 from a family during  single 365 day period, and no more than $150 total for a class gift. However, contributions to a charitable organization in the name of a staff member are UNLIMITED. BEST has just launched its annual Snowflakes for Education drive – you’ll be receiving a flyer in your backpacks soon. You make a donation for a teacher and we’ll hang a snowflake for that individual in the school lobby.

To make your donation, visit our Snowflakes for Education page now.

Shop at Amazon, Support BEST!


Did you know that when you shop at Amazon, you can support BEST?

All it takes is a few easy steps:

#1 Visit to set up your charity. (If you already have a charity set up, you can change it by clicking on the name of your current charity in the upper left corner of the screen.)

#2 Search for Boxford Elementary Schools Trust where it says “Pick your own charitable organization”:


#3 Click Select next to the Boxford Elementary Schools Trust in the list:2014-11-21_11-34-45

#4: Amazon will set up BEST as your charity of choice. Now all you have to do is to remember to start your shopping at every time you shop.


You can tell it’s working if you see “Supporting: Boxford Elementary Schools Trust” at the top of your Amazon shopping page. If you don’t, be sure to visit and start your shopping there!2014-11-21_11-35-18

Amazon sends 0.5% of your purchases to BEST, which is directly used to help our schools!

BEST donations at work in our schools


The Principal of the Harry Lee Cole School recently shared some wonderful examples of BEST donations at work in our classrooms:

It’s a great feeling to know that BEST helped to bring these technologies to our schools, and we’re planning to do more this year!